Vol.LXIV Our Nominees for Best Brands in Atlanta are...



So as we said, we are bringing you Atlanta’s top brand’s that have created a true life brand. These are the brands we are highlighting in our Atlanta Brandinar and are the nominees for our award ceremony. Today’s category is something sweet and we all love them, Bakeries. We have already highlighted some of these brands before as our favorite brands, so you probably will not be surprised to see them.


So finally, our nominees for top bakery brand’s in the Atlanta area are...

Highland Bakery:”But now the muffin and bread ideas have expanded to include a full and abundant array of bakery goods, from cookies to radical pastries to highly decorative cakes.

And Mama's southern comfort has broadened its horizons, growing into a full menu that stretches comfortably from crabcake benedict to ricotta pancakes, to cornbread panzanella salad.

And you can still get your double, tall, skinny, half-caff, bald latte.”

CamiCakes: “It was the Easy Bake Oven that inspired a little girl, Andra Hall, to become an avid baker. Armed with her Grandmother’s advice that it’s best to do one thing really well and equipped with her Mama's knack for baking, Andra launched CamiCakes™, which is named for her daughter Camille.”

Joli Kobe Bakery/Cafe: “Joli Kobe Bakery: "Joli," as in the French for "pretty," and "Kobe" for the Japanese city from which the store's owner hails.

"Vic" Watanabe wanted a French-Japanese bakery like the ones in Tokyo and in other major U.S. cities. French pastry and bread shops are hugely popular in Japan, he says. "It's a real cultural mix, and we wanted to bring it here."

The bakery started turning out croissants to chocolate eclairs in 1985 before closing in 2001 for renovation and expansion. Now at twice the size of the original bakery and with a large-scale pastry-baking kitchen downstairs, Joli Kobe, run by chef François Collet, is filled with traditional French pastries and desserts from mousses to madeleines.

Glass cases lining one side of the shop are home to largely French delicacies -- beautiful fig tarts, rich gateaux covered in thick curls of dark chocolate, tiny pumpkins made of marzipan. ”

Bakeshop: BAKESHOP provides bustling bustling midtown with a FRESH take on a diverse, yet simplistic, array of breads, croissants, cakes, quiches, sandwiches, salads and brewed coffees courtesy of acclaimed Executive Chef and Bakeshop owner, Jonanthan St. Hilaire. A working BAKERY housed in an “Industrial Farmhouse” space, Bakeshop offers s REFRESHING change from the commercialized processed goods stacked on grocery store shelves. 

The concept operates in true EUROPEAN style—baking batches throughout the day for both wholesale and retail offerings. With fresh smells, SEASONAL affordable offerings and sit-in and to-go options, this is A TRUE NEIGHBORHOOD stomping ground.”

Piece of Cake: Since 1985, Piece of Cake has been baking gourmet cakes from scratch, wrapping them beautifully, and delivering them to our customers' doors. Over the years, we've delivered tens of thousands of mouth-watering cakes all across the country. We've delivered to birthday parties, office parties and holiday parties. We've baked for clients, family and friends. And each cake is carefully made from scratch with only the finest, all-natural ingredients, just like you'd use at home.

And that's when we got to thinking. If we can make delicious homemade cakes, what about delicious homemade cookies? And sumptuous cheese straws? And what about a great bag of coffee to go with them? The rest is baking history.”


Stay tuned for more of our highlighted nominees of the top brands in the Atlanta area coming up this week!

PICTURES VIA: Highland Bakery, CamiCakes, Joli Kobe Bakery/Cafe, Bakeshop, Piece of Cake

ARTICLE VIA: Highland Bakery, CamiCakes, Joli Kobe Bakery/Cafe, Bakeshop, Piece of Cake