XLIX Pure Taqueria

Pure  (1)

“Eating her feels like a day at a Mexican beach” When the flavor of fish, corn and slaw hits your mouth, all is right with the world –Atlanta Journal: Merideth Fords-Atlanta top 50 restaurants.

We learned of this Atlanta haven from one of our favorite Bloggers Erika Ward of BlulabelBungalow:

Here’s what she had to say:

“Located in the Inman Park community of Atlanta, Pure Taqueria has quickly become one of my favorite hotspots for some of the freshest authentic Mexican dishes. Every since Dayka turned me on to this place about 2 weeks ago, I've been back three times! In addition to falling in love with the food, I was completely smitted by the decor. Vintage signs, furnishings, fabrics, and retro appliances make this place feel welcoming and familiar. Upon entry, one of the first things you see are the employees' lockers painted in a sunny yellow. As you continue further into the restaurant with its retro fabrics, tables, chairs, and barstools, you will see it has an undeniable schoolhouse charm.–Erika Ward of Blulablebungalow

We loved her post so much we had to do more research on the restaurant for our Brandinar and Award Ceremony. Remember we’re seeking the best Brands across the country starting in Atlanta. We are highlighting the Brands and presenting them with an award for “Brand of Distinction” in the community.

We haven’t had a chance to try  Pure, but surely on the rector for our Atlanta visit. Thanks to Blulabelbungalow for the insights.

We hope to see you guys for our kick off in Atlanta. We are excited about the creativity that exists in the city of Peaches Atlanta.

Photos: Pure Article via: Pure, Blulabelbungalow