XLVIII Blue Corset



Ever get frustrated with your lingerie shopping experience? I know we all have and it can definitely become discouraging.

Well at The Blue Corset Co., Amanda Nixon experienced this frustration and used it as her motivation for her brand boutique. Now the experience has become encouraging and luxurious. What a relief!


“The concept for my boutique emerged from my own frustration with my lingerie shopping experiences. Upscale department stores tended to have small inventories of each design label and the few specialty shops carried a mish-mash of merchandise of varying quality. I began to wish for a single locality that offered upscale, reputable brands and an extensive collection of style options in a beautifully, luxurious setting. I was sure many other women would appreciate such a destination so I decided to create one!”


At The Blue Corset Co. all of the lingerie is stunningly beautiful and of superior materials and construction.” The boutique carries brands, such as La Peria, that are easily recognized for their reputation and quality.


“The Blue Corset Co. is a boutique run on the principles of customer service that were instinctive in past centuries. The staff is completely dedicated to creating a five-star shopping experience for the clientele. You will find that you are:

· Always greeted by an experienced, consummately
professional corsetieres.

· Invited either to peruse the store on your own, 
or have select items brought to you as you relax 
on sumptuous furnishings.

· Given purchased items carefully wrapped and 
packaged in a keepsake box, tied with a bow.

· Offered personalized shopping services, such 
as a ‘wish list’ and purchase record kept at the 
shop; gift service by phone with hand delivery 
if necessary; and in-home showings of new 
merchandise to the most dedicated customers.”


At Life Branded we believe that your purpose is your brand. Amanda took her frustration and passion, which led to a purpose and created a brand. Now her name, passion, and vision have created a brand that offers beauty, luxury, quality, and comfort to all females!

Photos: Blue Corset Article Via: Blue Corset