Vol. VII Sarah Foote


Vol_ 7 Sarah Foote

Sarah has been making lamps for about ten years, and since she was very small has spent most of her (more productive) free time either making things for her home or baking things for her tummy, and for the tummies of her family and friends. She loves lighted-up things, every color in the rainbow, wooden things, flowers and floral patterns, cake, rhubarb, tartlets, mayonnaise, artichokes, and chocolate-and-peanut-butter.

As many of us ponder what our Brand is in Life it is important to remember our surroundings.  Take time to discover what a simple talent that comes easy and brings joy to your life.  Life Branded, believes we all have the ability to make a mark in life.  That’s why your DNA is uniquely yours.  There’s much that can be learned from Sarah make bold moves and design through your purpose and passion.

Sarah’s hydrangea lamp has been featured on HGTV’sDear Genevieve show. Good for her!

Allow Life Branded to assist you in Finding your LIFE BRAND….