Vol. XXVII Eat. Love. Savor.

LIFE BRANDED….Angela Tunner

Vol. 27 Eat. Savor. Love

Sophisticated. Tasteful. The Dawning of a Life Brand.

Angela Tunner is an artist, her specialty? The art of luxurious living. Angela believes that living well is not about the cost of living, but how you live. This  former big city girl, now a rural mother, wife and entrepreneur has jumped off the ‘wheel’ and discovered a more beautiful way to live where good food and connecting with the world around us is paramount. She loves to shop online, so in each article, they connect you with the purveyor so you can purchase and connect with the companies, people and things they write about!

As Editor-in-Chief, Founder and the main voice of www.angelatunner.com the online culinary and luxury lifestyle magazine with the motto to Eat, Love, Savor. Angela is passionate about good living and loves writing. Her first book, for which she developed the recipes, wrote and published “Simply Summer: Gourmet Meals Made Deliciously Easy with Tips for Elegant Living” won the 2007 Gourmand World Cookbook Award for ‘Best Easy Recipes’ and was a Finalist in ‘Best in the World’. She was nominated as a ‘Woman of Vision’ by Women of Excellence Awards Langley and for an RBC Women’s Entrepreneurs award. She is an Associate member of the Professional Writers Association of Canada, is the wife of a successful entrepreneur and mother of one.

So when you visit Angela, you are in a place of comfort and luxury! Angela explains she’s always been passionate about luxury and believed that there is more to the definition of ‘luxury’ than a label. It is a state of mind and luxury is present even in some of life’s simplest pleasures. She dreamt about sharing her passion for luxury and covering not just lifestyle but food, farm to table and travel. She takes you to great places, products and people as well as experiences for living a more beautiful and more luxurious life. Through engaging content, in a social environment, online shopping links and more, she endeavors to make each article come alive!

In her own words….

“I wanted to share something about myself, uncertain where to start so I asked WeeOne what I should say. In the spirit of his suggestion, to tell you all about HIM, I will start where the story picks up after his birth. Motherhood and I met late in life, and I am glad this journey was delayed since it brought me a gift so great. A child so mature, funny, warm, engaging and conversational, wise and developed beyond his tender age. His essence is so powerful, and it is because of him, that I sit here at my desk today, having created this enviable life, living on an estate, overlooking the mountains, surrounded by farms, near a quaint historical town, with a loving and supportive husband, pouring my passions onto ‘paper’ and inviting you all to share in it. He was the catalyst for it all. Wee One is the inspiration, my muse, my taste tester, my travel companion and my mirror. My passion for good living is enhanced with having someone to pass on my knowledge to and be his guide to becoming a well rounded man. Each day, he repeatedly comes to visit me at my desk while I research and write (he just dropped in now as I was writing this piece, looking for more milk and a bite of lunch!). So off I go, back into my world of writing, reading, experiencing and sharing pieces of this idyllic life I created!” ~A

Angela has a great team to assist her with the Eat. Love. Savor.  luxury experience. Located in British Columbia, Canada, Angela, has started a great Life Brand and we wish her much success! There has been so many individuals, who wanted to live their passion like Angela, but have been afraid to take that leap of faith. Consult Life Branded and allow us to start you on your path of pure bliss.

Live a Life of Lovely….L+B

Photos: Angela Tunner