Amy Atlas



Perfect. Sugar. Confection.

Amy Atlas’ unique dessert tables have made her a sought-after event planner in New York City.

From a very young age, Amy was entertaining for friends and family. By the time she reached college, she had perfected her talent for her signature dessert tables. 

After several years of working on political campaigns and practicing law, Amy decided to return to her creative passion for entertaining and party planning. 

Desserts bring back many sweet memories for Amy so it is no surprise that she would specialize in her signature dessert tables. Amy’s fondest sweet memory from childhood is of sitting in her grandmother’s sunny kitchen on a spring afternoon, watching her pull homemade rocky road cake out of the oven. While waiting to lick the bowl, Grandma would let Amy drizzle caramel icing all over the cake. To this day the smell of rich, melted caramel still reminds Amy of that wonderful spring afternoon, when it felt like the world belonged to just the two of them and the essence of happiness was warm rocky road cake.

Internationally renowned as the dessert table designer, Amy is recognized as the person who created the stylized dessert table trend. Amy has been featured in several magazines and newspapers, including InStyle MagazineMartha Stewart WeddingsBetter Homes & GardensFood and Wine Magazine, and The Los Angeles Times, to name a few. She has also been featured by thousands of blogs. In 2008, Amy created her blog, Sweet Designs, to share her work, styling tips and ideas.

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Photos: Amy Atlas, Amy Atlas Blog