Austin Texas

Four Of My Favorite Things

The spring traveling season has begun...First stop Houston and Austin Texas. 

Where do I begin? I literally feel that we ate our way through the state of Texas, but who wouldn't when its the barbecue capital of America. We started off at Reef downtown Houston, named one of the number one seafood restaurants in the U.S. I found the restaurants atmosphere to be a hip and cool place for Houstonians, to visit. The food on the other hand wasn't the best to me. I tried the whole seared sea bass, paired with swiss chard and vegetables.  Unfortunately, my taste buds, didn't favor the flavor, so we opted for the Crispy Skin Snapper, Sweet and Sour Chard, Tomato Brown Butter,  which was ok.  We enjoyed three cocktails, and called it a night there. 

The next day we met friends at chacho's we enjoyed margaritas, laughs and a good time. A friend's mom even shared some of her signature recipes, I cannot wait to try.  Then it was off to experience some of Houston's night life. The weather was perfect not too hot, it was the perfect time of year to visit. 

Next up Austin, what I call "home of the creative mind" I loved so much about this place. From the food, trucks, restaurants, unique bars, like the Container Bar and Drink.Well. to the overall city atmosphere.  We enjoyed partying on the famous 6th St and celebrated with some of the best margaritas in the city at El Chile Café Y Cantina. Austin was a overall great time, and I would love to visit again someday. By the way don't forget to shop at some of the cutest boutiques in Austin, I had a chance to visit Adelante ask for the beautiful sales associate Lizzie, she has personalty plus!

Oh FYI if you plan on trying some of the best barbecue in Austin, please plan in advance. The best places sell out around noon. Franklins the top spot in the city was on my list, but unfortunately I didn't know I needed to plan a month in advance to try their bbq. Here's how to do it. As soon as you know you're visiting, call your top three spots, and place your orders. In other words, the top three places are on a one month waiting list. If you plan to place an order once you get there, be prepared to get in line around 7am, and Franklins doesn't open until 11am, and normally sell out around noon. So that's a three hour wait. I heard its worth it, but boy it cuts into your vacation time. We met a couple who arrived a 7am and left at 3pm. That's your entire day!! So its up to you. We arrived at John Mueller Meat Co. around 11am, and waited a half hour and we were pleased. 

What I know for sure is that I have the perfect person in crime. He simply gets me, there are no mistakes in life. I met my partner for a reason, and I enjoy each memory we create together.