Living Your Vision

Living Your Vision


Creating a Vision for your life should be the FIRST thing that you do if you are dreaming of a life of success and if you want to see big things happen in your life!!  You are capable of much more than you believe,  you only have to see it, in order to make it happen.  That’s where the magic is!

"Create the highest grandest vision possible for your life because you become what what you believe." -Oprah Winfrey

Recently I was suffering the web for some inspiration, and came across an interview dated August 2010, from Carolyn Rubenstein. (Sometimes dated material is the best material) The article was titled, Purpose of “Living Your Vision” Series: To focus on the journey – the how – of unconventional success. The series emphasizes that life is truly a verb – not solely a string of accomplishments.  The interview was with co-founder of the book Style Statement This peaked my curiosity, so I had to read further.  

It started off with, Unconventional success redefines what we consider possible – it’s success that has not yet been defined by others. Essentially, it means paving a path through uncharted territory.  This is so me, and possibly you too. How many times have you sat in your vision, and truly believed in yourself, but once you share it with someone else, you're open to so much self doubt and misunderstanding.  Sometimes things may be so clear to you and others, just can't seem to grasp your vision at all.  

The Article:

Carrie McCarthy is the founder and co-author of Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design, she has been featured in Real Simple, Vogue, Body & Soul, and Domino. Style Statement is an intimate process of self-revelation and empowerment, An hour-long consultation that provides a blueprint of sorts for a woman’s personal, emotional and life styles-all designed to help her live authentically.”

As an interior designer, Carrie founded her company on the principle that true style creates both beauty and ease in people’s lives. She has designed for multi-million dollar estates and small studios, and styled for lifestyle magazines, luxury hotels and architectural firms. As a graduate of the London College of Fashion, Carrie established “Robe,” a successful wedding dress company, which was a dramatic contrast from her early career as a nationally ranked track and field athlete.

How are you living your vision?

My vision is a work in progress, one day it feels graceful and full of ease, another day it feels difficult and wobbly. And I’m okay with my paradoxical feelings. I’ve given up thinking, “I need to get it right,” instead I ask three questions:

Does this bring me joy?

What am I committed to?

Who may I ask for support?

Asking myself these questions guides me towards my vision especially on those days of insecurity, overwhelm and abundance of choice.

Andrea: Wow! Do you often question yourself; and forget we are all a work in progress. These three questions are amazing. I feel a sticky note on the mirror moment coming on!

What is your Style Statement? Please share what that statement means to you.

My Style Statement is Refined Treasure. I’ve always been refining my business, my choices, and my lifestyle. On the deepest level, my Style Statement reminds me that it’s always valuable to refine my plan, and treasures always show up. And when I have been less than my best – I’ve been the opposite of my Style Statement, ignoring my intuition, rushing under pressure or neglecting my needs.

When I treasure myself, I find the treasures in others.

Andrea: Amazing. Similar to Life Branded®- Style Statement helps you communicate who you are through your style and intentions. Life Branded® helps you walk in what you were created and create that as your life's work and brand. 

y Style Statement: Designed Inspiration

y Life Branded: To inspire others to see the best in themselves 

Wow it's amazing how these two can work hand in hand to create a life and vision you love.

When working on an exciting project (one that you are passionate about), how do you quiet your thoughts and shift your mind-set in order to do “other” things?

Some people can work through a bomb going off, not me. A beautiful environment is essential to my creativity, I sit at my French monastery table with a view of the forest, a cup of earl grey tea, a pencil, a pad of grid paper, my mac book and my mind is clear and alert.

What are three to five lessons you’ve learned during your personal journey?

  • I am responsible for my life.
  • Nature heals.
  • Beauty inspires.
  • I am perfectly flawed.
  • Big egos are big problems.

Andrea: The questions just keep getting better.  I had to pause on this for a moment:

  1. It's okay for your path to lead you in a different direction
  2. Spread Knowledge
  3. Heal the heart
  4. Act in forgiveness
  5. Cherish Lifeships

How do you acknowledge & celebrate personal success?

I’m not great at this, it’s one of the reasons my second word is Treasure. As a student and athlete I learned to go without until it became a habit, then I met my husband and he has taught me to fill our lives with goodness and celebration. Hands down the birth of our son has been the greatest gift and in celebration of his birth we planted an olive tree on our property.

Complete the prompts in bold…

  • I know… knowing yourself is beautiful.
  • This week, I want to… swim 2km.
  • This month, I want to… complete our cottage on the Gulf Islands and spend the rest of the summer there.
  • In this lifetime, I want to… foster what I love and make a difference.
  • I don’t know… so much.
  • I am… complicated and brave.

Andrea: This should be interesting...

  • I know… following your heart leave little disappointments
  • This week, I want to… believe in myself
  • This month, I want to… land a book deal
  • In this lifetime, I want to… allow my life brand to touch and inspire others
  • I don’t know… what's at the end of the rainbow
  • I am… creative and hard on myself

What’s an inspiring tip you’d like to share with readers?

Underneath each complaint is a wish, what are you wishing for?

Andrea: Now that is a good point. I need to stop complaint and be honest about my desires. 

Andrea's Tip: Remember the desires and vision you shared with your young self. It's never too late to make it happen. Do it!

What’s a question you wish more people asked?

What are you curious about?

Andrea: What were you conceived  to do?

Thank you so much, Carrie, for sharing your incredible responses! I am so inspired by how you are living your vision :).

What do you find yourself consistently longing for?

Andrea: Completion, and I won't fall short.

Now I hope this was as thought provoking for you as it has been for me.  I hope to continue you to move forward to, The Next Best You.

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