The Greatest Detox Bath... Time To Reflect

This week I was tested personally and professionally. It made me question, who I am and what I am doing. I know we all face challenges, however often times we allow one situation or person confuse out mission and purpose. Sometimes depending on the scenario, it may even make you question your existence. This is when you have to sit back relax, and gather yourself, remember who you are, and the purpose you are fulfilling.

We all have something unique to offer, and the world needs each gift that only you possess.  God made us different for a reason, we may have similarities, but the world is like a big puzzle; if we all came together and uplifted one another we would reveal a beauty picture.  

It is important that we take time, and learn from each lesson that is presented to us. Taking time to reflect, meditate, and pray is all very important. Its food for our souls, and a way for us to clear our minds and connect to our journey. I realize that my purpose is to inspire others to live a life that is fulfilling and connected to their purpose. I know you hear this a lot. No everyone shouldn't go out and quit their job, and paint for a living, it's about identifying the path you're on, recognizing your passions, and fulfilling your journey. Hence, why my motto is, The Next Best You.  We are all on a journey to fulfill that one thing in our lives, that no one knows about, but you have a burning desire to fulfill, if you had no fear. Yes, NO FEAR, of what others would think, what your bank account would look like, and the fear of you making the right decision to move out of your comfort zone.

I coined the term and mission Life Branded® just for that purpose to help individuals, Live and Discover their Life Brand. We live and are identified by our Life Brands daily, rather you know it or not, everything your do is a representation of your brand and people will treat you accordingly.  We can identify how others view us by observing our own life map. It's no secret humans are very intelligent and can see pass the tangibles and read your soul.

What's in a Life Brand:
"It Is What Have You Been Placed On This Earth To Do.  It Is A Sequence Of Events That Have Evolved Around You That Has Yet To Be Discovered.  It Defines What You Have Been Branded To Do, But Requires Fundamental Guidance To Allow You To Discover It.  Many Of My Clients Have A Million Ideas About What They Believe They Should Do, But Need To Be Pointed In One Single Direction.  Once We Lay Out Their Roadmap, They Realize It Was There All Along, But Just Needed To Know How To Get There."

So about this bath. Because, I was really in my feelings this week. I needed a major detox, overhaul, and some self-reflection time. I'm sure you guys have been there too. I wanted to share this detox, so when you have one of those days, and you're feeling down, this is a great way to refresh the senses. Now note, I'm not saying this isn't an excellent way to detox the skin anytime. I just know most of us, don't take the time out to actually sit in a tub or 30 mins, to be honest, I've seen people so busy that a 10 minute shower seems like a stretch. Now I know, I'm not like most. I really take the time to smell the roses, and yes I have the time to do so, I love my life and not making any excuses for the way I choose to live. I just hope others take the time out and care for themselves just a little more. 

As always I'm saying this out of love. 

Become The Next Best You

From Your Girlfriend Next Door

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