Alice Supply Company

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LIFE BRAND….Alice Supply Company

Stylish. Colorful. Simply Chic. 
Former fashion industry executives who Maria Barnes and Raili Clasen, took a trip south of the border last year and found themselves exploring the shelves of a dusty of hardware store pulling down brightly colored buckets and obsessing over neon bristled brooms.

A couple of margaritas later, they gave birth to the concept of taking mundane household items and giving them a little personality (which they also gained after a couple of drinks).

Best friends from college, Maria and Raili, leveraging their 30 years of combined experience set out to turn blah into rah….

Giving a nostalgic nod to the Brady Bunch’s witty housekeeper, Alice Supply Co. has even the domestically challenged sweeping and plunging. Alice has injected a fashionable dose of color and humor into the bleached-out abyss of household cleaning supplies, hopefully making chores a less laborious.

This Life Brand shows how you can create under any circumstance…even a margarita.  Maria and Raili took simple everyday items and added a creative spin. Now your shovel, broom, or plunger may possess their personal DNA, style, and taste…Alice Supply Co. a true Life Brand!