Your everyday girlfriend, here to shake up your life's journey, I'm your best Lifeship Partner, Friend & Neighbor. 

Occasionally offering sobering advice, infused with a sense of humor and a cocktail. 

I'm your Quintessential Girlfriend Next Door. 

Offering a good meal, great advice, and the perfect cocktail. We will explore travel, entertainment, everyday living, conversation & advice. As a hostess when it's time to get your party on, we will be ready with the perfect gift, delicious Hors-d'oeuvres, and great entertainment.

Your Girlfriend Next Door® is a brand inspired by friendships near and far, I'm doing my part for those who are seeking someone to champion their dreams, encourage their heart, and catch them when they trip. We all need a place where we are accepted and loved with no apologies. 

It is my hope to work with and showcase brands that make each of my girlfriends' life a little easier and a bit more festive.

I'm Andrea Your Girlfriend Next Door® with an open ear, lots of laughs, and a teardrop here or there all in the name of life, love, and our journey.

It's my hope to empower women to live the most effervescent life through friendships, laughs, love, and fun.